Tools to get Started

Tools to get Started

Lets’s face it you probably aready have the tools you need to get started. A quite part of the house to do some work, a computer with stable, wired internet connection and a USB headset. Unlike other independant contractor positions out there, Uber etc. there is no running costs for the car or other hidden charges. Simply finish the training that we will provide you on our portal and you are ready to go.

Why waste countless hours commuting to work for which you don’t get paid. Simply switch your computer on and you are already at work. All the comfort of working from home and enjoying the maximum amount of time with your family.

Working from home is great, but sometimes you’re not at home. Simply grab your laptop and head to a quite place anywhere on the globe and you are at work. Because our service is in the cloud and accecible by the net, your work is always avaliable to you. So whether you are on holidays or house sitting for a friend we’ve got you covered.

Looking For Something Outside The Standard 9-5 grind! Being an independent contractor with OfficeEarth means you’ve the Freedom and Flexibility to work whenever you have time, of course there are minimum requirements about the minimum number of hours that you need to do, get to set your own schedule, so you can be there for all of life’s most important moments.

No wasted travel time to and from work or office politics to send you loopy, just your favourite spot in the comfort of your own home, a hot cup of (…….) and an abundance of peace that all this brings. Can you picture it?

If you set your own hours around your life and other commitments, do you have a boss? Of course you have to be professional and provide a top level of work to keep our clients happy, but as long as you fulfil all your requirments, you answer to no one but yourself. That’s real freedom.

Become part of our vibrant and supportive community, you will meet likeminded people from all over the world and gain experience in achieving your personal goals whilst maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Passionate team leaders and buddies providing ongoing training and support, will help you acheive and succeed to become the professional virtual receptionist that is required for this role.