The Difference

Time spent actually working and not commuting.

The average employee is wasting between 10%-25% of their day on commuting to and from work. Time wasted is money wasted, that’s time you could spend with your family and friends.

Traditional Employee
Virtual Receptionist
Why become a Work at Home Receptionist?

CallAnswering Support Ultimate in Call Handling

A Work from Home Receptionist is a solopreneur who specializes in providing support to entrepreneurs and small businesses. Basically, you become an extension of the clients' team. All you need is a quiet working environment, a computer with a solid internet connection with a headset and you are all set to save time and make money, whilst enjoying a good work-life blend.


Don't just take our word for it, see what other Work from Home Receptionists are saying

Working from home allows a flexible work-life balance and a good source of revenue to enjoy it.

“Having the opportunity to work from home; maintaining that flexibility to work when I want; providing much-needed support to small and large businesses; having a great group of friendly team members who are willing to provide support and encouragement … even when your day is not going so well.”


“Working with CallAnsweing gives me choice and flexibility. I choose when I work; it fits into my life rather my life working around it, and I don’t have to leave home to do it! I can catch up on study or work for other clients, or do nothing else. I also get to work with an awesome team of like-minded people who provide amazing support. Choice, flexibility and support – isn’t that what everyone dreams of?”


“I love that it is never boring. You constantly have to think on your feet and thoroughly utilise those multi-tasking skills!! I can work from home and have the flexibility to work my own hours.”


“Being a VR with CallAnswering has been the most effective introduction into the world of working from home. Perfect flexibility for any person, whether you are a parent, someone who would like to produce more income, or even if you are curious to know if working Virtually can be done. Yes, it is autonomous but it is never monotonous.”


“I love working with CallAnswering as you can roster as often or as little as suits your needs, the flexibility of working day, night, weekends is fantastic. Being anywhere in the world and working for the same company is fantastic, multi-tasking; working while studying and getting paid is great, the team support is brilliant, the ongoing support and mentoring really help to build your confidence.”


“Nothing beats the flexibility of working for CallAnswering. I choose the times and length of shifts around being a mum and taking care of my family. I like the challenge of taking so many varied calls – none are ever the same. The management team are always on hand to help with questions and the system is really easy to navigate.”


Start earning money from home

Stop Wasting Hours Commuting


Hours saved on commuting per annum
*Based on 1.5 hour commute

$ 15,840+

Additional money earned per annum
*Based on the highest rate